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Czech Birthplaces from Rev. Josef Hegar’ s Funeral Records

The Rev. Josef Hegar was the [Czech] Moravian Brethren minister
in Temple from 1926 to 1948. During that time he ministered not only
to the congregation in Temple, but to several other congregations in the
In the year 2000, through the efforts of James L. Hejl and the Rev.
Mark Labaj, the Temple Brethren Church provided the Czech Heritage
Society of Texas with Xerox copies of Rev. Hegar’ s funeral records for
the purpose of compiling them in book form for publication, distribution
to Brethren churches in the state and eventual sale to private individuals.
These funeral records offer a wealth of genealogical information.
One hundred fifteen of them identify the deceased’ s place of birth as a
village in what is today the Czech Republic. Information on those
individuals is given here.
As with all records, however, there are problems. Some of the data
found in them conflict with that found in other sources. This means that
the information in the following list should not be taken as the final
authority, but as one of all possible sources to piece together an accurate

Name of I mmigrant, Born, Birthplace, Died, Congregation:
Baletka, Rosina (Pomykal), 1863-01-09, Zadverice, M o., 1924-05-18, Ocker
Barina, Josef, 1853-05-04, Lipa, M o., 1934-09-15, Granger
Barton, Anna (Hegar), 1863-11-06, Hostasovice, M o., 1935-11-26, West
Batla, Anna (Kovar), 1860-06-16, Hostalkova, M o., 1936-03-08, Rowena
Batla, Anna (Kutej), 1843-08-28, Ratibor, M o., 1923-09-01, Ocker
Benneck, Jan, 1876-05-14, Ratibor, M o., 1942-01-06, Temple-Seaton
Bravenec, M arie (Drabek), 1858-09-22, Hvozdna, M o., 1935-06-19, Ocker
Brenek, Ferdinand, 1881-03-27, Vratimov, Si., 1938-08-28, Wall
Cermak, Stefanie (Elles), 1893-06-15, Rusava, M o., 1935-04-20, Seaton
Chabisek, Josef E., 1879-01-06, Rakova, M o., 1938-07-24, Rosenberg
Chovanec, John Sr., 1861-10-05, Reka, Si., 1941-05-25, Danbury
Chupik, Anna (Hruska), 1857-06-17, Ratibor, M o., 1941-02-19, Ocker
Chupik, Jan H., 1881-01-23, Ratibor, M o., 1924-12-03, Seaton
Coufal, Anna (Schiller), 1848-11-12, Nepomuky, Bo., 1933-08-07, Rosebud
Coufal, Frank, Sr., 1851-09-02, Nepomuky, Bo., 1933-11-15, Rosebud
Coufal, Rozalie (Hejl), 1864-08-15, Cermna, Bo., 1936-06-23, Ocker

Cuba, Anna, 1879-03-24, Vsetin, M o., 1939-03-22, Taylor
Cuba, Veronika (M ichalik), 1851-08-11, Jablunka, M o., 1947-09-10, Taylor
Dolezal, Rosina, 1862-02-14, Jasenna, M o., 1937-02-03, Novy Tabor
Dubcak, Josef, ____-____, Rokytnice, M o., 1921-06-01, Ocker
Dubcak, Terezie (Dorazin), 1853-____, Vizovice, M o., 1927-10-01, Ocker
Dusek, John D., 1870-07-14, Cermna, Bo., 1945-07-16, Taylor
Dusek, Ludvik, 1845-03-05, Cermna, Bo., 1933-10-13, Temple
Elles, Veronika (Vasik), 1864-08-19, Rusava, M o., 1935-05-24, Ocker
Elsik, Anna (M ikeska), 1855-12-26, Zadverice, M o., 1930-08-24, Snook
Grossmann, Frank J. R., 1880-08-13, Frenstat, M o., 1932-07-04, West
Haluza, Raphael, 1886-10-22, Otnice, M o., 1936-06-10, Temple
Hegar, Jan, 1879-04-12, Hostasovice, M o., 1942-07-10, West
Hejl, Frank, ____-____, Cermna, Bo., 1941-10-14, Ocker
Hejl, Frantisek, Sr., 1862-02-24, Cermna, Bo., 1947-09-21, Taylor
Hejl, I gnac, 1847-06-15, Cermna, Bo., 1942-01-24, Temple & Novy Tabor
Hejl, Teresie (Simek), 1864-06-19, near Vsetin, M o., 1930-12-19, Taylor
Hejl, Vincenc, 1859-12-02, Cermna, Bo., 1947-09-03, Taylor
Holubec, Rosina (Simara), 1853-11-26, Vsetin, M o., 1931-01-19, Caldwell
Holy, Anna Srnensky, 1858-03-07, Lhota, M o., 1946-06-16, Holland
Horak, Anna (Janek), 1868-11-12, Hodslavice, M o., 1934-10-06, West
Horak, Frank, Sr., 1863-01-28, Hodslavice, M o., 1946-01-27, West
Janicek, Veronika (Cervenka), 1872-01-16, Jasenice, M o., 1937-08-15, Caldwell & Dime
Jecmenek, Anna (Simecek), 1861-01-18, Zadverice, M o., 1939-05-21, Fayetteville
Jecmenek, Katerina, 1867-10-27, Horni Jasenka, M o., 1942-09-12, Fayetteville
Jecmenek, Pavel, 1844-____, Jasenka, M o., 1922-01-11, Fayetteville
Juris, Anton, 1901-06-30, Hostalkova, M o., 1921-07-15, Ocker
Juroska, John W., 1884-____, Horni Becva, M o., 1943-12-02, Temple
Kachtik, Cecilie (Simek), 1872-11-15, Chlebovice, M o., 1925-01-22, Ocker
Kachtik, Tomas, 1840-____, Liptal, M o., 1929-02-06, Temple
Kanak, Josef, 1877-09-02, near Vsetin, M o., 1925-01-25, Temple
Kelarek, Anna (M ikeska), 1884-07-25, Zadverice, M o., 1946-01-14, Seaton
Kostelecky, Josef, 1881-03-19, Svratouch, Bo., 1928-06-21, Ocker
Krupala, Anna (Polasek), 1840-03-__, Seninka, M o., 1929-12-09, Rowena
Kudlacek, Josef, 1853-11-18, Zadverice, M o., 1928-07-06, Fayetteville
Labaj, Anna (Zrnik), 1868-05-12, Leskovec, M o., 1946-03-21, Seaton
Labaj, Antonie (Zapalka), 1872-06-21), Stare Hamry, Si., 1938-03-23, Granger
Langer, Rozalie (M arek), 1840-12-06, Cermna, Bo., 1925-06-13, Ocker
Laza, Anna (Kubiacak), 1871-09-12, Zadverice, M o., 1928-03-13, Ennis
Lesikar, Josef, 1856-06-24, Cermna, Bo., 1940-05-09, Ocker
Lesikar, Vincenc, 1865-11-11, Cermna, Bo., 1923-11-05, Seaton
Liebscher, _______, 1863-01-07, Cermna, Bo., ____-____, Rowena
Luksa, Emilie, 1873-07-20, Cermna, Bo, 1929-08-19, Cooks Point
Luksik, M arie (Zbranek), 1872-03-24, Hostalkova, M o., 1930-08-12, Ocker
M achacek, Peter, 1877-08-28, Cermna, Bo., 1940-06-19, Rosebud
M alcik, M arie (Stastny), 1859-10-27, Ratibor, M o., 1929-03-05, Rosebud

M aler, Barbara (Cernoch), 1855-08-10, Velka Lhota, M o., 1929-07-28, Sealy
M alina, Rosalie (Volcik), 1867-10-24, Liptal, M o., 1937-07-23, Smithville
M alucky, Anna (Bliznak), 1843-12-24), Ratibor, M o., 1928-04-24, Rosebud
M arcak, Frantiska (Dusek), 1857-04-01, Cermna, Bo., 1923-12-30, Ocker
M arek, Filomena, 1854-10-17, Cermna, Bo., 1936-01-17, Ocker
M arek, Frantisek, 1838-12-24, Cermna, Bo., 1924-11-25, Seaton
M arek, Frantiska (Janes), 1839-12-19, Cermna, Bo., 1921-10-15, Seaton
M arek, Josef R., 1856-06-13, Cermna, Bo., 1936-10-16, Ocker
M arek, Vincent F., 1859-01-06, Cermna, Bo., 1938-11-03, I ndustry
M artinets, Josef F., ____-____, Leskovec, M o., 1936-02-09, Granger
M arynik, Stepan, 1882-12-26, M ikuluvka, M o., 1941-09-27, Temple
M ikeska, Anna (Susen), 1862-05-05, Rokytnice, M o., 1930-04-02, Ocker
M ikeska, Rosina (Olejnik), 1867-07-17, Lutonina, M o., 1940-04-04, Rosenberg
M ikus, Tomas, 1856-11-29, Jablunka, M o., 1946-12-03, Taylor
M ucha, M arie, 1910-10-11, Liptal, M o., 1922-02-04, Ocker
Nedbalek, Alzbeta, 1841-11-11, Zadverice, M o., 1926-11-26, Ocker
Nemec, Jan, 1854-05-14, Horni Vilemovice, Bo., 1936-06-02, Alief
Odstrcil, Anna, 1866-08-19, Lanskroun, Bo., 1938-05-14, Cooks Point
Ondrusek, Rosina, 1846-09-01, Ratibor, M o., 1937-06-13, Seaton
Pecena, Jan, 1860-12-01, Rakova, M o., 1937-03-16, Dime Box
Pechal, Jan, 1846-____, Ratibor, M o., 1925-04-06, Ocker
Pomykal, Rosina (Plasek), 1839-06-27, Zadverice, M o., 1922-10-26, Ocker
Repa, Jan J., 1870-03-19, Zadverice, M o., 1929-08-27, Granger
Repka, Anna (Hrach), 1897-12-19, Koprivnice, M o., 1930-01-11, Seaton
Repka, John, 1855-02-17, Hostalkova, M o., 1937-08-27, Seaton
Ripple, Frantisek J., 1846-12-26, Cermna, Bo., 1929-03-21, Rowena
Ripple, M arie (Navratil), 1866-03-20, Ublo, M o., 1939-04-18, Rowena
Ripple, Vinc, 1882-11-05, Cermna, Bo., 1947-07-11, Taylor
Rubac, Rosie, 1861-02-04, Rokytnice, M o., 1942-04-26, Buckholts
Sijansky, Vera (Zajicek), 1886-06-19, Huslenky, M o., 1936-04-16, Robstown
Simcik, Katerina (Lastovica), 1874-02-24, Liptal, M o., 1941-02-09, Granger
Simecek, Frantiska, 1881-05-12, Zadverice, M o., 1934-08-13, Rowena
Simecek, M arie (M ynar), 1867-04-16, Lutonina, M o., 1946-01-11, Seaton
Simecek, Pavel, 1858-11-25, Jasenna, M o., 1934-03-11, Seaton
Simek, M arie, 1868-12-20, Hostalkova, M o., 1939-03-06, Seaton
Siptak, Anna (M ikulas), 1877-11-06, Ruzdka, M o., 1922-07-06, Seaton
Skrabanek, Thomas T., 1876-10-28, Zadverice, M o., 1947-09-28, Granger
Skrla, Stepan, 1822-03-19, near Vsetin, M o., 1925-01-14, Ocker
Slovacek, Anna (M achovjak), 1865-11-29, Katerinice, M o., 1945-07-22, Taylor
Srnensky, Tomas, 1856-08-09, Usti, M o., 1946-01-06, Taylor
Stanek, Jan, 1864-11-13, Katerinice, M o., 1935-11-21, Ocker
Stastny, Frantiska (Hrna), 1894-01-20, Hovezi, M o., 1925-____, Seaton
Stefka, Frank, 1868-10-08, Zadverice, M o., 1928-09-07, Buckholts
Stuchlik, Anna (Dorazim), 1862-05-31, Zadverice, M o., 1944-02-27, Granger
Talasek, Tomas, 1860-06-20, Ratibor, M o., 1935-08-29, Seaton
Tomancek, John, 1882-05-01, Ostravice, M o., 1946-04-27, Taylor

Vasek, John, 1869-03-28, Horni Becva, M o., 1933-04-14, Ocker
Veselka, John Felix, 1888-09-23, Verovice, M o., 1944-05-25, Robstown
Veselka, Rosina (Spacek), 1869-08-22, Bordovice, M o., 1928-10-09, Robstown
Vitek, John J., 1874-06-16, Ratibor, M o., 1946-01-12, Granger
Wentrcek, Anna (Starmach), 1872-10-17, Zadverice, M o., 1946-07-03, Granger
Wentrcek, Josef, Sr., 1860-07-__, Zadverice, M o., 1922-12-29, Ocker
Zdaril, Anna (M ikulas), 1868-10-03, Ruzdka, M o., 1945-12-09, Taylor
Zeman, Albert, 1874-04-23, Praha, Bo., 1943-03-24, Granger

Note: The use of italics indicates that information was questioned on the funeral record.

– Robert Janak

“ Czech Birthplaces from Rev. Josef Hegar’ s Funeral Records,” printed
in the series Czech Connections, Cesky Hlas, May 2001, pages 7-9.

Note: The table in the original document has been converted to a list.

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